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Empowering women through body literacy, fertility awareness, reproductive health, cyclical living, and sisterhood.

My Body My Health for teens

Parents, this is everything you wish you would have been taught about your body...but probably weren't

Ease period pain, reduce stress, understand your hormones and what's actually going on in your body.

  • Fertility Awareness
  • Body Literacy         
  • Learn to Track Your Menstrual Cycle 

Coming Very Soon!

My Body My Fertility

The Avó Rouge Signature Group Program

  • Boost fertility, increase your chances of achieving pregnancy or prepare for a future pregnancy 
  • Understand the energetics of your cycle to enhance your life and business
  • Prevent pregnancy naturally using a science-backed fertility awareness-based method
  • Connect with like-minded women on the same journey
  • Ease period pain and other period problems
  • Plus More...

Is this program for you?

  • optimizing your business by understanding, planning according to, and harnessing the energetics of your cycle🖊️
  • preventing pregnancy without medical birth control
  • charting your menstrual cycle using the science-based fertility awareness method🌺
  • having less painful periods and fewer period problems😞 🥹
  • boosting your fertility and reproductive health so you can improve your chances of getting pregnant now or prepare for a future pregnancy🍼
  • claiming your right to body literacy!!!♀️
  • Plus More...🌹

What does the program include? 

  • 📱Personal 1:1 Voxer monthly appointments to review your cycle charts, optional *Voxer is a free app
  • 🎉1-hour live virtual weekly classes *Attendance is encouraged but not required.
  • 🩷Private community where you can ask questions and interact with other women on the same journey
  • 💻Lifetime access to recordings of the live classes
  • 🖊️Downloadable cycle tracking charts

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