Kristy's Picks

Interested in using products that are hormone friendly and don't contain聽endocrine system disrupting chemicals? Check out my recommendations below.

More Products Coming Soon!

Dr. Ardis

Free Shipping if you use this link and coupon code聽avorouge

Lots of discounts are available if you sign up for a Dr. Ardis membership.

My medicine cabinet stays聽stocked with his products.聽

Heavy Metal Detox

$50 Off for New Customers

*You have to choose the subscription to get the discount, but you can cancel any time.聽

SAALT Period Products

15% Off聽

Seriously, the best period products I've found.聽

Cups, discs, period panties with proprietary absorbent material, steamers, cup wash, etc.


Tempdrop BBT Thermometer

10% Off聽

The easiest way to keep track of your basal body temps.


Give your gut a vacation!

Promotes regularity, bloating & gas relief, supports flatter tummy

Boka Toothpaste

Remineralizing Nano Hydroxyapatite

Fluoride Free

Glass Cookware

Visions庐 5-piece Dutch Oven Cookware Set

Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Red Silicone Hot Handle Holder, 12-inch

LH Test Strips

LH+ means ovulation is imminent within 24-36 hours, for most women.

French Press

Glass & Stainless Steel French Press for coffee or tea

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